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Kyy chose 7 things for me to talk about...

"Foxes aren't game, they hunt game!" - this did make me giggle :)

Although in many applications fuses are on their way out, being replaced by circuit breakers I still work with some fuses.
(we are talking about what is essentially a bit of wire that melts if too much current flows and breaks that current flow as opposed to Pyrotechnic fuses that I left behind when I left the entertainment industry for Naval power electronics)
We have pretty mundane big cartridge fuses that just look like a giant version of the fuses you get in a normal (british) 3 pin plug but we have an excitable breed called the 'Midel Fuse' - this is essentially an oil filled plastic tank with a connector on each end and fuse wire inbetween, this is designed to make the fuse more stable and less prone to little fluctuations, however what it does if you REALLY blow the fuse is fire transformer oil out of its vents to make sure that you fall over when running away from the thing that just blew up!

One thing that bugs me in life is when someone refers to a supercharger on an engine and someone pipes up 'that's not a supercharger, that's a turbo', 'Turbo' is short for 'turbocharger' which is short for 'turbosupercharger' which is in turn short for 'exhaust turbine driven centrifugal supercharger', any device that force feeds the intake of an internal combustion engine is a supercharger, supercharging is the term for 'forced induction' - this is just a little detail but it does my sweed ^.^
I like turbochargers because of the simplicity, assuming it has a waste gate then you give it an oil supply, feed the exhaust gas through it and it will vomit pressurised air into the intake, Voila! no need for complicated drive ratios associated with volumetric compressors and centrifugal compressors, want more boost? increase waste gate pre-tension.
(ignore things like wikipedia when researching this, instead look up the patent office and design research into exhaust gas driven superchargers)

Blue is actually not my favourite colour, however it is a colour i find very calming and friendly, I was somewhat of an outcast at school because I didn't give a shit about trendy this, collect that, music the other - I did my thing and just generally got on with it however I used to watch 'Animals of farthingwood' and like or hate the character 'scarface' I adored his colours so started drawing the blue fox, it then started to stand on his hind legs, then I started to imagine BEING the blue fox, and the rest is history.
Blue is also a Primary colour, which im sure makes it 'pure' in some way but I don't actually believe this - it just makes Ceil look quite cute. Blue is also present on serious cheese and you should see a doctor if any part of your anatomy turns this colour!

How much do you spend on tyres per year
I suspect there is a surreptitious Achmed dig in there somewhere *grins* but seriousley . . .
It varies year on year, usually I need 2 sets of Toyo Proxies on the front of Achmed in a 12 month period but this time i have laid him up for the winter, so probably one pair on him.  This year will suck for tyres because I already put a set of 5 on the 4X4 and I need to put a set of 6 on the minibus (swapping over to 16" rims from 14" to get the engine revs down at cruising speed without using an overdrive so this year although one set on Achmed will save me £130 i will have creamed a grand on tyres.

Sonic Boom
This is what happens when myself and Kyy get together and sync 2 11KV generating sets out of phase into a blue hedgehog.
The last thing i witnessed breaking the sound barrier was SFW when i mentioned that Tea was brewed and ready.

It is far too long since I have hosted a barbecue, there used to be a Barbecue referred to as 'Nutterfest' once a year at the manor where i grew up, it would conviniently coincide with any periods when Dad was on holiday and would involve HUGE amounts of beer, lots of food, lots of shooting and general frivolity, there was also a tradition of me lighting the barbecue in a different manner.
The last Barbecue, held in 2007 can be seen here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHEdQe58JXM
When we were out in Zambia in the '90s a cubic metre of charcoal could be purchased for 45p, so much for £6.99 for 5 kilos here.

I like cats, i like the way their minds work and that you have to actually earn their respect and trust, if you are shitty to them, they ignore you and leave, much less likley to follow you out of blind obidience than most dogs. My mother died over 10 years ago and for the 18 months after the fateful day she never returned her cat Lucy was still waiting on her chair arm looking excitedly every time someone entered the room before returning to her indifferent look.
I have 3 cats which are all incredibly different - still have Lucy, shes 12 now and as independent as ever, have Jasper who is just 'the old dude', very bright, friendly, clever and huge and last of all Smudge, who when God was handing out Brains, was sat on the Toilet.

Much love to Kyyano for the choices, as soon as i posted that i was up for it i really was expecting 7 anti fox subjects but was pleasantly suprised ^.^


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