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Kyy chose 7 things for me to talk about...

"Foxes aren't game, they hunt game!" - this did make me giggle :)

Although in many applications fuses are on their way out, being replaced by circuit breakers I still work with some fuses.
(we are talking about what is essentially a bit of wire that melts if too much current flows and breaks that current flow as opposed to Pyrotechnic fuses that I left behind when I left the entertainment industry for Naval power electronics)
We have pretty mundane big cartridge fuses that just look like a giant version of the fuses you get in a normal (british) 3 pin plug but we have an excitable breed called the 'Midel Fuse' - this is essentially an oil filled plastic tank with a connector on each end and fuse wire inbetween, this is designed to make the fuse more stable and less prone to little fluctuations, however what it does if you REALLY blow the fuse is fire transformer oil out of its vents to make sure that you fall over when running away from the thing that just blew up!

One thing that bugs me in life is when someone refers to a supercharger on an engine and someone pipes up 'that's not a supercharger, that's a turbo', 'Turbo' is short for 'turbocharger' which is short for 'turbosupercharger' which is in turn short for 'exhaust turbine driven centrifugal supercharger', any device that force feeds the intake of an internal combustion engine is a supercharger, supercharging is the term for 'forced induction' - this is just a little detail but it does my sweed ^.^
I like turbochargers because of the simplicity, assuming it has a waste gate then you give it an oil supply, feed the exhaust gas through it and it will vomit pressurised air into the intake, Voila! no need for complicated drive ratios associated with volumetric compressors and centrifugal compressors, want more boost? increase waste gate pre-tension.
(ignore things like wikipedia when researching this, instead look up the patent office and design research into exhaust gas driven superchargers)

Blue is actually not my favourite colour, however it is a colour i find very calming and friendly, I was somewhat of an outcast at school because I didn't give a shit about trendy this, collect that, music the other - I did my thing and just generally got on with it however I used to watch 'Animals of farthingwood' and like or hate the character 'scarface' I adored his colours so started drawing the blue fox, it then started to stand on his hind legs, then I started to imagine BEING the blue fox, and the rest is history.
Blue is also a Primary colour, which im sure makes it 'pure' in some way but I don't actually believe this - it just makes Ceil look quite cute. Blue is also present on serious cheese and you should see a doctor if any part of your anatomy turns this colour!

How much do you spend on tyres per year
I suspect there is a surreptitious Achmed dig in there somewhere *grins* but seriousley . . .
It varies year on year, usually I need 2 sets of Toyo Proxies on the front of Achmed in a 12 month period but this time i have laid him up for the winter, so probably one pair on him.  This year will suck for tyres because I already put a set of 5 on the 4X4 and I need to put a set of 6 on the minibus (swapping over to 16" rims from 14" to get the engine revs down at cruising speed without using an overdrive so this year although one set on Achmed will save me £130 i will have creamed a grand on tyres.

Sonic Boom
This is what happens when myself and Kyy get together and sync 2 11KV generating sets out of phase into a blue hedgehog.
The last thing i witnessed breaking the sound barrier was SFW when i mentioned that Tea was brewed and ready.

It is far too long since I have hosted a barbecue, there used to be a Barbecue referred to as 'Nutterfest' once a year at the manor where i grew up, it would conviniently coincide with any periods when Dad was on holiday and would involve HUGE amounts of beer, lots of food, lots of shooting and general frivolity, there was also a tradition of me lighting the barbecue in a different manner.
The last Barbecue, held in 2007 can be seen here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHEdQe58JXM
When we were out in Zambia in the '90s a cubic metre of charcoal could be purchased for 45p, so much for £6.99 for 5 kilos here.

I like cats, i like the way their minds work and that you have to actually earn their respect and trust, if you are shitty to them, they ignore you and leave, much less likley to follow you out of blind obidience than most dogs. My mother died over 10 years ago and for the 18 months after the fateful day she never returned her cat Lucy was still waiting on her chair arm looking excitedly every time someone entered the room before returning to her indifferent look.
I have 3 cats which are all incredibly different - still have Lucy, shes 12 now and as independent as ever, have Jasper who is just 'the old dude', very bright, friendly, clever and huge and last of all Smudge, who when God was handing out Brains, was sat on the Toilet.

Much love to Kyyano for the choices, as soon as i posted that i was up for it i really was expecting 7 anti fox subjects but was pleasantly suprised ^.^

An encounter with an old friend
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A phone call comes in quite late in the evening telling me that someone is sick and they need help, I am on my way home from my last task of the day so I agree to help. I drive towards my destination and suddenly all the roads seem familiar again, the bridge I got a combine harvester stuck under when I was 16, the bend where someone crashed into my when I was 18, so long ago but it seems like only yesterday.

I drive up to the big imposing building and park my now dwarfed truck, I head over to the door and wonder if my key still fits, I slip the key in and just like old times it works like a charm, I am in. I push in the timer light switch and wander over to where she laid in waiting, I get to her and take a step back, it has been a long time since we were last together. I walk round and eye her up, it is almost 10 years since the first time I met her down in Bristol, Lady Elsey shone like a million pounds that morning.

I jump up, catch hold and climb aboard, a familiar place where I had spent many fond hours on days gone by. I reach over and press a very familiar button upon which a few little things start to happen, She lights up and the familiar “Fedora” logo appears, a moment later a familiar sight appears, I reach over and press my thumb firmly on a special place and she remembers me, she recalls our previous encounters in graphic detail, she makes me comfortable.

This lady used to be mine, but things moved on and now she is loyal to Phabian Hassal (aka TraktorFuchs) so I have a quick peek and make sure he has not left me any nasty surprises, all is clear.

I reach over and press one of her buttons and a distant whine happens, she lubes all her joints and makes sure all her vital fluids are correct, she tells me all is well so I reach over and tap another button, there is a whine for a split second followed by a distant rumble which is so familiar, the sound of something that can only be achieved by the partnership of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.

I let her settle for a few minutes and then I check her weight, I tap another button on the vast screen that is her heart and soul to be informed that she is at fighting weight, 113,600KG payload and 157,530KG all together (That’s 346,600LBS for the Yanks  ) Shes a big girl, both her drags onboard computers report that all is well and with a deft lift flick of the fingertips the electronic parking brake is off and we are ready to go, im feeling lazy so we click the lever of Allison Torquemaster into ‘full auto’ and as we click the 2 reversing gears into forward there is a re-assuring but mild lurch forward as the torque converter does its thing, a quick slide of a finger across another part of her screen and darkness becomes light as GE’s Finest Arcstream metal halide lamps strike and come into being, I reach and tap the door remote and the sliding doors open to reveal the night agead, a little bit of gas and we are away.

I open a window because this girl is powered by a partnership between Rolls Royce and Standyne, she packs 69 litres between No. 1 Cylinder and her 15 colleagues in 2 rows, she has an output measured in megawatts / thousands of horsepower and makes what can only be described as a NICE sound. I let her go a little more and memories of tens of thousands of miles come flooding back as she pulls out of the hangar.

Its 11pm and the roads are dead, I get out to Northamptonshire and turn left onto the A14 and give her some welly. After a long but comfortable trek, I drop her load into the Mill, turn it around and thunder home, memories of days gone by flooding back.

I park her by the silos ready to receiver tomorrows load and wander back over to my truck, which now seems like a mini cooper sat next to the QE2.

She does have the coolest dashboard of anything I have ever used (with exception of a type 45 destroyer . . .) so I snapped a quick pick on my phone (would have been better if I had done it stationary because it took about 15 attempts!)

dash photo

Confuzzled 2011 - a retrospect i suppose, 12 month preperation for CF2011
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Well, having returned from confuzzled and begun the long road to recovery i feel the time to sit down and as my now dear friend Uncle Kage would say 'Let me tell you a story'.

In the dim and distant past, in the year 2010, this blue fox noticed that Confuzzled would not clash with an event he was the electrical technician for so he booked himself in, the rest of the clan also booked themselves in (Nineleaves, fenrisulfr, Blackwolf, Halo et al) and the countdown began. Because I own an awful lot of event gear i contacted the organisers and said 'i have an awful lot of event gear, is there anything you need?' to which Lev replied he could use some heavy duty electrical equipment, which was duly supplied.

A few weeks before the con we were talking and decided that it would be a good idea to take the large touring sound system from our stores along incase we could 'improve' the main stage (this was the system owned by a man called Carl, Nineleaves built it) so myself, fenris, Halo and Blackwolf headed out early that morning and loaded the system onto the truck ready to go.

I have attended a lot of conventions and as any hardened con attendee will tell you most events have their dances in the main theatre so when we offered the sound gear the stage was already set so i left it at that, i had not realised that there was a seperate nightclub that would be hosting the night time events so i had essentially accepted that the gear would stay on the truck for the con, off to socialise i went.

Nineleaves then caught wind of a seperate pair of rooms that were the nightclubs, they both had very poor house sound systems in so we fitted out both rooms with good systems and the rest is history, the legendary dances of 2010 ensued.

Myself and Nineleaves always made a good crew because he could build the gear and i could deal with people and transport, because of my capacity to organise this sort of thing Confuzzled held their paw out and offered me a Staff position, which i accepted.

Some months passed and September arrived (those of you that know me will remember the 'is it can be September nao . . ' comments) and on September 3rd i thundered off to the USA for a month, my first holiday in 14 years. I arrived at Boston Logan and the fun was to begin. A month of essentially bumbling about in the USA ensued (with 10 days of work in the middle of it topped off with 4500 rounds from a dylan aero M134 but thats a story for another day) this month flew by and in no time i arrived at Aphinity (ioco's) house and we were off to Rainfurrest where i was to take up the staff position of Sound Technician, this was a sensational event and my last day in the USA / Canada was topped off by having dinner with Aphinity & Torwin as guests of Scribblefox and his fine partner who gets to slap me at anthrocon because i cant for the life of me remember his fursona name.

A very deshevled, jetlagged Ceil returned to the UK, retrieved achmed from the long long long stay carpark at heathrow and returned home, on the Saturday there was a Birmingham Furmeet which i wanted to attend because i had not seen any of the midfurs for a month, i attended this meet and immediatley realised something was wrong, Nineleaves was ignoring me and i was getting coldshoulderd by some people, over the next few days the order of magnitude of the full on hate campaign Nineleaves had launched against me became apparent, i will stop this part of the journal here because i only needed this as a narritive device to essentially indicate that Nineleaves was no longer involved with Acoustic Armageddon.

(Unlike certain people, i will not ram my side of a dissagreement down your throat, if you want to know what he did to me, you will have to ask me directly)

So here we were, it was October and I had a mountain to climb before confuzzled as the previous gear would not return (its owner would have hired it to me but this would not have been a desirable situation) so i decided i would just improve on what i had and we would somehow make it happen, hell i would have hired the gear from SSE or LSL-AV if i need to, the weeks passed. December came and i was just forming a plan and was starting to put the wheels in motion when i got made redundant from my job 2 weeks before christmas, this was going to be a problem.

My improving financial situation went to hell in a hand cart very quickly and i was at the point of asking my father for an advance on my inheretence because i was essentially phuqued, then 2 events happened that i did not forsee, i was milling back from collecting Noirekitty from work the phone rang, i looked at the screen and saw a very strange caller ID come up, i answered the call and a voice said 'are you *my real name*' to which i answered yes, after a few searching questions which were starting to wierd me out a little i was informed that i had a desirable skillset and within 2 weeks i was working for navy projects and had a salary about 6 times higher than previous.

'Fantastic' i thought, give me a few months and im gonna be OK, i cleared my debts and set about planning for our best confuzzled performance ever, then the second big boost happened, the people that had been hiring my bigger system off me informed me that the club had closed and the gear would be returned within the month, this represented amongst other stuff, 8 Cerwin Vega Earthquake bass bins, i shot an order in for 8 Eminence Kappa 12" drivers and 8 FANE CD150 compression drivers and with the help of my partner in all things Awesome (Blackwolf) completley rebuilt the 8 wharfdale pro cabs i had been given earlier that year, i bought in new amplifiers, crossovers and cable etc and it all came together, we would take 6 Cerwin Vega bins and 8 mid-top cabs to confuzzled for the main dance hall and 2 seperate bass bins for the smaller room to lament the in house PA, we had done it.

Fermi had a hard time earlier in the year and for one reason or another had to leave university, i will not make fun or light of this, it was HARD and i am hugely proud of him for picking himself up and getting back on with life, however he went to work for the biggest provider of theatrical lighting equipment in the world and after a few months of good service he asked if he might borrow some equipment for a charity event we were doing, after some deliberation the company gave him an order number and carte blanch for anything he wanted, it just kept getting better.

On the wednesday before confuzzled we put operation 'unz unz' into . . . well . . operation.
We hit a slight snag, the 6 cerwin vega's would not go in the vehicle with the borrowed lighting gear, we eventially made the decision that we should just take 4 Vega's and the 2 other bins for the small club, we completed triple vehicle tetris and shuffled the Con(Fuzzled)Voy on down to the truckstop for breakfast then we shipped off to Manchester.

When we got to the venue we found the nightclub full of pool tables and general plange which we were informed would not be removed until friday morning so after some suiting and entertaining comversations with the public we got quite drunk.

We hauled ourselves out of our respective beds on the friday morning, myself and Fenris shuffled off onboard the MG Express to manchester airport to collect Uncle Kage before returning to set up the nightclubs. We installed all the speaker cabinets and the lighting rig, cabled everything in and upon Blackwolf's arrival, programmed the active crossovers and limiters and we were away.

Blackwolf was to kick off friday night and seconds before he started his DJ Console failed, after some swearing and pen flicking he copied his tracks onto Swolf's machine and once again we were back on track, Blackwolf's set was sensational, as was Spirit Raptor and the legend that is Cheetah finished off the night while Fermi manually operated the lighting from start to finish.

Now for Saturday night, we played around with some settings, realised a mistake on an effects processor and came back with absolutley savage bass in preperaton for night 2. At about 9:45pm, 15 minutes before we opened for the night it started to rain, and i mean it was heavy enough rain for my very well spoken relatives to use the expression 'fucking it down', fermi was all ser to go on the lighting, i was all set on the sound, fenris and blackwolfe were all set on Security when seconds before i called the all clear to open the nightclubs fermi called my attention to a leak in the bottle bar that was our AV control room, moments later this leak changed from a drizzle to a gush, plaster fell in and LOTS more water came in, we pulled all the breakers and covered the equipment before talking to the hotelier.

We reached the decision that the show had to go on, the hotel put a 150 litre trough under the leak and we removed all the AV gear from that room. What followed was an absolutley sensational coming togetherr of my team, you have to have absolute faith in the competence of those people around you, Fermi removed and re-installed the lighting control effortnessley, myself and blackwolf set about moving the mixer and aplifier racks with Fenris's Kinetic assistance and Halo's help wherever she could, after literally 25 minutes we were operating again and i called through for the nightclubs to open.

One other event that is worth re-telling happened during the roof leak, an hour or so earlier we had been meddling with the sound system and had executed some devastating bass, when bass is really intense it causes your bowels to move which offends digestion, Fermi and Blackwolf had already visited the lavatory but i had not, we were talking with the hotelier when i couldnt help myself, i dropped a shot of absolutley stomach curdling wind, about 5 seconds later the hotelier cursed and said the last thing he needed right at that moment was a frigging gas leak and when i owned up, the hoteliers face lit up and everyone fell about laughing!

Saturday night was Swolf's night, he DJ'd like a deamon and an epic time was had by all, especially Beshon who tried his hand at opping the lighting desk, he turned out to be a deamon and when i asked him how he was getting on bellowed at high volume 'DUDE I 'M HAVING A NERDGASOM, THIS IS THE COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD'. We had some massive appreciation from people so fermi decided he wanted to finish off the night opping in fursuit, i decided that i was going to throw caution to the wind and i donned Ceil and headed down th the dancefloor, myself and fermi finished the night off in suit and it was an absolute blast!

Just before the end of the night on saturday, i was down in the fursuit lounge trying to get my vision back from the amount of sweat when a sweet little bashful male fur tried to pull me having danced with him :)

Sunday night went beautifully, Fermi wanted to get a proper meal and sort out some other snippets so i opped the lighting while covering sound for about 90 minutes before Fermi took over, then Beshon took over from Fermi some hours later.
Zuki and Kenai DJ'd on sunday night before BigBlueFox took over and finished the night off.

Because the Dead Dog party was sadly lacking last year (we took the PA gear out) we decided that the gear had to stay in for the dead dog party 2011, we are glad we did this because the dead dog was the best night of the con, spirits were at fever pitch in the night club, it was absolutley sensational. I took the opportunity to thank the people that had helped me make the whole thing possible and we partied into the night, anyone that was there will remember the Boxes (these were rescued by us) and numerous other hilarious events that occured.

After the dead dog we were up until 4am packing the equipment away ready for the big get-out on tuesday.

For anyone interested in the technical stuff:
We were packing 4 Cerwin Vega Earthquake bins, these are the big puppies, the 1KWRMS per cab variant, on the saturday we added the remaining cabs we were going to use in the other room, these are of similar specification. the mid-highs were Wharfdale pro cabinets that were equipped with 500w RMS 12" eminence Kappa drivers and fane CD150 50w 1" compression drivers. that sound system totalled 12KW in amplification and at no point with the dances in full swing did we take the bass above -20dB, the mid above -30dB and the top above -35dB (infact, this was where we set our limiters) the few people that were present when we ran it at 0dB will not forget that in a hurry.
(in laymans terms, we didnt go much above half power all the time the place was open)

Lighting consisted of 6 martin Mach250 Entours re-enforced by 2 Mach250 Colour Washes topped off with a Martin Atomic 3KW strobe.

Although i wore the Staff badge, there is simply no way i could have done this on my own . . . .

Fenrisulfr: You are and will always be one of, if not my very best friend, your comfort when i hit rock bottom over xmas will never ever be forgotten.

Blackwolf: What can i say, i love you like a brother, you provide me with inspiration and in return i hope i can be a mentor and friend.

Fermi: Who would have thought that all this would have happened 18 months ago when we finally hoooked up after years of chatting as fellow administrators, you are right up there with Blackwolf and Fenris.

Kneezle: i cant apologise enough for the mess in the house while preparing for confuzzled, it was definatley worth it and with every day that passes you become a bigger part of our 'pack'

Halo, Brixton, Aigus, Redstar and all those other people that helped us, i take my hat off to you all and i must apologise to anyone i have not mentioned.

A couple of Niggles . . .

Having spoken to codewolf i was inches away from excluding Nineleaves from the nightclubs because he essentially spent the duration of the dances walking around and making loud bitchy comments about the nightclub set up but to be honest, im glad i didn't because at the end of the dead dog party when everyone cheered us and made us feel like royalty the one person sat there glum faced was himself.

One thing that happens within the furry fandom that grinds my gears, people that just have to jam their opinion in loudly and continuousley, we put in what is in excess of 1000 hours between all of us to make sure that confuzzled was awesome, i personally spent in excess of £2000 (hell there was 200 litres of DIESEL before we even think about the rest) and i got assulted by 1/2dozen people on a chat channel & private messages over petty little things, this made me feel quite shitty if im honest but as soon as i saw people face to face afterwards, their appreciation was absolute and i can without any doubt in my mind that Acoustic Armageddon will be providing the Unz Unz at CF2012..

I have had a Gigastrobe (1,000w strobe) for a deccade or more but it was not much cop, i saw the atomic and actually bought one on the sunday night while at the con, i collected it on saturday afternoon and we used it within the cavern club for FE metal, even on half power it almost induced suntan!

I think its high time i stopped rambling, this has been a hell of a wall of text and i honestly cant be bothered to read through it and correct stuff, i have been awake for far too many hours and i am back at work tomorrow.

Long and short, i am deeply proud to be a part of the furry fandom and as long as i can continue to give something back, i will do.

A big thank-you to Production Resources for lending us over £70,000 worth of gear.

good night all,
a very tired Ceil Fox

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Well here we are, i opened this account a year ago and have never really used it, however today the bastards at a organisation that shall remain nameless, maybe nicknamed 'facepalm' have posted my real f**king name all over the account, with me being involved with the navy as an engineer, i just cant have this so i shall now be moving over to Livejournal for what im doing etc etc which is a bit of a shame as i really liked 'facepalm' for furry networking but alas i shall have to move.

Incidently you can now access all my photos from the furry facebook account at photobucket under the highly complicated username 'CeilFox'

with love,
a very tired from confuzzled and very pissed off because of facepalm ceil fox

First post - commence LJ spamming from another furry
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First post....

Well, journal, hmmm, stary with today i suppose.

Just finished at the bowl for the night, shot a little bit of video of me bowling because a few people asked to see it


Tomorrow i need to work out why a Freelander TD4 is smoking then start setting up the beer tent and all the associated stuff for the festival this weekend, fermi, lightsguydave and fenris should be joining us

Got my confirmed booking for Rainfurrest, got my flights for the USA this summer, whole month in september FTW.

Furmingham coffee meet tomorrow.


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